Here is a small selection of articles on the sexist history of women's clothing. While some conversation seems to have started around this when the Apple iPhone 6 plus came out in 2014, more became necessary during the 2016 presidential campaign as the sexist rhetoric around Hilary Clinton hit it's most shrill note. This is not a new subject and it's one that all women are familiar with. WE know that clothing is sexist but it's news to some, hence this site.

Works by Chelsea Summers, Rachel Lubitz, Lucy Rycroft-Smith, Christine Flammia, Rebecca Reid, Sofia Barrett-Ibarria, Tracy Moore, & Tanya Basu are included here.

If you know of other articles scholarly or pop that should be included here, drop me a line at clothingissexist at gmail dot com.

Articles | Updated 30th of August 2017
The Gender Politics of Pockets | for the Atlantic | Tanya Basu 9/30/2014
I Demand Pocket Equality | for Jezebel | Tracy Moore 10/3/2014
Fairly Functional: On Sexist Sizing and Pocket Politics | for Ladyclever | Sofia Barrett-Ibarria 10/21/2014
The Weird, Complicated, Sexist History of Pockets | for Mic | Rachel Lubitz 2/19/2016
The Politics of Pockets: The history of pockets isn’t just sexist, it’s political | for Racked | Chelsea G. Summers 9/19/2016
I wore men’s clothes for a month – and it changed my life | for theFword | Lucy Rycroft-Smith 1/7/2017
Congress's Dress Code Is Sexist and Just Plain F*cked Up : What is this, Gilead? | for Esquire | Christine Flammia 7/6/2017
Why women’s clothes are actually pretty sexist | for | Rebecca Reid 8/3/2017